We are proud of our years of experience in the Jan-San marketplace and have earned our solid reputation as a leader in not only providing quality products from leading manufacturers but knowing their features, functions, benefits and cost savings for customers. Why is this important – Because we believe “you get what you pay for”. While price is always an important factor we know from our experience and knowledge of products that customers need to make informed decisions for cost effective buying decisions necessary to maximize their purchasing value.

Not only do we provide you with quality products that save you money, CleanSmart offers you an array of services.

We will keep records of the items that you buy.  We also keep track of warranty information. As a professional distributor of chemicals, we will provide you with MSDS sheets and OSHA’s right to know information on the cleaning products that you buy from us.

We have in-depth product knowledge.  Looking for a product to give your restrooms a “fresh smell”? Forget about buying Pinesol from a retailer. Pinesol has a strong smell that people may find offensive.  We can recommend more effective products that will save you money and time.

Don’t know how to use a cleaning product or a piece of equipment? CleanSmart will be able to train you and your employees on how to use new products and equipment properly. We will be able to share information on how to use products that can help your staff become more efficient. Rather than saving just a few pennies by buying a product from a retailer, you can save a substantial amount in labor savings with the product information you can get from us.

Do you need a specialized cleaning product?  CleanSmart will have suggestions for the product you need and if we do not have it on hand, we will know where to order it.

Pricing alone should not dictate where you buy the supplies for your business. The value you get by buying cleaning supplies from an experienced distributor is priceless.  Rather than saving a dollar or two on cleaning products by buying through a big box store, you can save hundreds of dollars on staff time by working with us. And those savings will lead directly to more profit in your pocket!

CleanSmart offers free facility consultation and evaluation for your business needs.

FREE DELIVERY - We offer FREE delivery to local customers to minimize cost. How’s that for value added service!